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Statement on Neighborhood Market Vandalism

Our nation was founded by immigrants and has, since its inception, welcomed those who seek a haven from oppression or simply a better life. Our vibrant immigrant communities in Sioux Falls contribute to the creation of a flourishing civic life.

On the evening of December 7th, 2022, the Neighborhood Market was vandalized during what appeared to be a hate crime against business owners Hayder Hayyawi and Reem Alsuiamawi, who are Iraqi Muslims. A front window was shattered, shelves were overturned, bottles broken, with no aisle left untouched by the intruder(s). The next morning, members of South Dakota Faith in Public Life, South Dakota Voices for Peace, StartUp Sioux Falls and members of our interfaith communities came together to stand in solidarity with Hayder and Reem.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Haydar and Reem have received over a dozen threats of violence since opening this market in January 2022 The culmination of hate and vandalism they have experienced is frightening and disheartening.

In response, the members of SD Faith in Public life are asking our interfaith community members to support local immigrant owned businesses. Our presence in these stores not only provides financial support, but creates and extends community awareness. We are also asking for those who are able to make a financial contribution to the Go Fund Me site put together by SD Voices for Peace and StartUp Sioux Falls to help Haydar and Reem rebuild their vandalized business.

You can donate at a Go Fund Me site by entering “Help Rebuild Neighborhood Market, Sioux Falls, SD” or


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