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South Dakota Faith in Public Life Response
to the conflict in Israel and Palestine 

We at South Dakota Faith in Public Life acknowledge the suffering and loss of life that has already occurred and is occurring in Israel and Palestine.  We are deeply concerned about the rising tensions that could spiral into greater violence with tragic consequences for the people of the region – both Israelis and Palestinians.  Along with many faith communities, we pray for an immediate cessation of violence and a commitment by all concerned to resolve conflicts through peaceful means, dialogue, and negotiation.


Our mission at SD Faith in Public Life is to seek a collaborative dialogue among people of all faith traditions in order to give voice to diverse religious perspectives committed to compassion, justice and the common good so that religion can serve as a unifying, positive force.  The abrupt escalation of conflict in Israel-Palestine challenges us to remain committed to our mission.  In that spirit, we denounce all acts of violence towards all people.  Violence that erupts in any part of the world should be a call to us to remember how important and impactful open, compassionate dialogue can be on a local, human level.  Building bridges of appreciative understanding and respect among diverse groups is how we enrich our community and provide an example for future generations.  


As we struggle to process such horrific events, we ask all to engage with sensitivity, empathy, and the understanding that, as communities and individuals, our perspectives are shaped by different traditions and life experiences. We strongly encourage openness in both expression and listening.

South Dakota Faith in Public Life Board of Directors

South Dakota Faith In Public Life

A diverse group of religious leaders committed to respectful dialogue on social and political issues, providing a model for citizens to engage in civil conversations, and increasing capability for finding solutions that serve the common good.


What We Believe

All our faith traditions teach that every life has inherent worth and should be treated with dignity; that we are meant to care for all our neighbors without exception; and that we do so by practicing compassion and working for justice.

What We Do

We educate ourselves and the public about how our shared religious values can impact public policy to create more just, peaceful, equitable and sustainable communities.

Our Initiatives & Resources

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